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Angel Party

An Angel Party is a fun and joyous way to gather your friends together while connecting with the Angelic Realm. Guests are given the opportunity to receive messages, guidance, and support from the Archangels, Angels, and their Guardian Angels through Angel Cards as unconditional love surrounds them. 

Angel Parties take place at the host's home or preferred off site location. Each guest receives a 15 minute private Angel Card Reading from Maura Kirby. And as the host, you receive a free 15 minute private Angel Card Reading PLUS a free 15 minute phone/Zoom Angel Card Reading! 


Angel Party fees are based on $25 per guest (8 guest minimum

and 12 guest maximum, host not included in total).


8 Angel Party guests (2 hours) - $200 

9 Angel Party guests (2 hours 15 minutes) - $225 

10 Angel Party guests (2 hours 30 minutes) - $250

11 Angel Party guests (2 hours 45 minutes) - $275  

12 Angel Party guests (3 hours) - $300  


50% deposit is required to secure the date/time of the Angel Party. Full payment is due 48 hours prior to the Angel Party.


Travel fee may apply.

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