Past Life Card Reading

A Past Life Card Reading is a meaningful way to receive messages regarding your past lives from Spirit Guides, Angels of Light, and your Higher Self. Archangels of Light and Ascended Masters are also present to ensure that the insights and guidance brought forth are for your highest good. 

As your soul has existed in other lifetimes, awareness from these past life experiences may shed light on aspects of your current incarnation regarding your life purpose, relationships, career, lifestyle, spiritual path, and soul development. Through the use of Past Life Cards, you have the opportunity to receive messages and wisdom to comfort, strengthen, and enlighten your soul while being Divinely supported by Spirit in a sacred pace.     


Past Life Card Readings are available at Grace Labyrinth Wellness Center, online though Zoom, and by phone.

Maura Kirby will be wearing a face mask during readings at Grace Labyrinth Wellness Center and requests that clients do the same. 

60 minute Past Life Card Reading - $95

90 minute Past Life Card Reading - $145

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