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Space Clearing & Blessing

A Space Clearing & Blessing is a powerful way to remove negative energy, spirits, and entities that may exist in a home or other location and replace it with love, light, and protection from Spirit. 


Maura Kirby works directly with Archangel Michael, other Archangels, and Ascended Masters to purify the space and infuse Divine protection from the Spiritual Realm. Maura and her Spiritual Team have the ability to remove malevolent entities and energy parasites, assist earthbound spirits into the light, and seal energetic portals and gateways to prevent the energy and entities from re-entering the space.     

This service includes the use of flower essences, Reiki symbols, crystals, and essential oils. Rather than smudging (burning of herbs), which could impact clients with environmental allergies, asthma, or chronic lung issues, Maura uses a clearing and releasing flower essence spray to cleanse and purify the space without the side effects of smoke. 

1,500 square feet and under location (1 hour) - $200

1,501 - 2,500 square feet location (1 hour 30 minutes) - $250

2,501 - 3,500 square feet location (2 hours) - $300

3,501 - 4,500 square feet location (2 hours 30 minutes) - $350

4,501+ square feet location (3 hours+) - To Be Determined


A 50% deposit is required to secure the date/time of the Space Clearing & Blessing. Full payment is due 48 hours prior to the 

Space Clearing & Blessing.


Travel fee may apply.

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