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Why Choose Grace Labyrinth Wellness Center?

Grace Labyrinth Wellness Center is a spiritually focused and well-grounded practice that

inspires women to reclaim their self-worth, innate wholeness, and Sacred Power in the world.

Grace Labyrinth Wellness Center is at the forefront of

humanity’s shift into higher consciousness. And it

serves as the path for women to embrace the Sacred

Feminine within their hearts, thereby elevating the

vibration of this planet...


It provides services which include Intuitive Reading, 

Reiki with Intuitive Messages, Angel Card Reading,

Past Life Card Reading, and Space Clearing & Blessing.


As founder and owner of Grace Labyrinth Wellness Center, Maura Kirby is here to guide and walk beside you as you travel down your sacred path while being fully accepted and Divinely cherished for WHO YOU TRULY ARE.


Note To Self: I Can Totally Do This!

One Woman,

One Heart at a Time.

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