Long Distance Reiki with Intuitive Messages

During a Long Distance Reiki Session with Intuitive Messages, Reiki is sent to any person, group, event, or situation in the past, present or future while I also receive intuitive messages during this process. The remote healing and intuitive messages provide the same benefits that occur during an in-person session.


I am able to connect to your Spiritual Team consisting of your Higher Self, Angels, Spirit Guides, loved ones in Spirit, and precious pets in Spirit, as well as Archangels and Ascended Masters during your Long Distance Reiki Session. While performing Long Distance Reiki, I receive intuitive messages that are to be passed on to you for your highest good. Once the Long Distance Reiki portion of the session is complete, I will share your intuitive messages with you online through Zoom or by phone.   

To receive Long Distance Reiki with Intuitive Messages, it is suggested that you set aside quiet time during the session as the energy is being sent to you. 

60 minute Long Distance Reiki with Intuitive Messages Session - $95  

90 minute Long Distance Reiki with Intuitive Messages Session - $145 

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