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5 Ways to Reclaim Your Inner Heroine

No longer are the days of waiting for your knight in shining armor to ride in and save you. Deep within the core of your being lies a heroine waiting to break free and rise up!

And your heroine is here now to help you embrace your precious gifts of self-worth, self-empowerment, and wholeness. These gifts have always been there, just waiting for you to open your heart and allow them to flourish!

So… how can you reclaim your inner heroine?

5 Ways to Reclaim Your Inner Heroine

1. Embrace the Light and Dark Within You

Even though focusing on your inner light is powerful, it is essential that you also acknowledge the dark that exists within you. And this darkness can be viewed as your shadow self, that part of you that experiences anger, fear, resentment, and envy.

Why would you want to face your shadow self? Because by accepting this aspect of yourself, you can offer it compassion and understanding and break free from its chains. Your inner light is then fully free to shine the brightest!

2. Allow Emotions to Flow Through Your Body

When uncomfortable emotions are felt within the body, there may be a tendency to want to ignore them, push them away, or hold onto them for long periods of time. Emotions become trapped in the body and physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks can occur.

By allowing yourself to truly feel these uncomfortable emotions with an open heart, they then have the freedom to flow through your body with ease and least resistance. Your heart can then fully feel positive emotions such as joy, peace, and love with more intensity.

3. Face Your Fears with an Empowered Heart

Know that deep within your heart,